Expo Chromatic
Ancienne École des beaux-arts de Montréal
May 26 - June 2, 2018
And Chamber is a site-specific light intervention within a former dance studio as an orientation of the photographic through an amplification of space and time. Within this space of rehearsal, the contemporary viewer is called to emulate a photographic position and is invited to document, record, and perform the photographic in place of the artist.
As a method of queering space, colour fields aligned with cinematic tropes call the photographic viewer to reconfigure expectations of the real through an amplification of experience by an iterative configuration of light, atmosphere, and surface. Throughout the course of the exhibition Patryk Stasieczek re-stages the variable elements within the installation, re-coating the floor of the dance studio with water, what he attributes to be a photographic emulsion, and re-orienting the spotlight positions, directions, hues, and cables. These variants combine to address the contemporary condition of the photographic and the inherent relationship taking images has with the experience of viewing. The resulting installation occupies a dynamic form, one that is enriched with the labour of practice that counters the photographic as a static entity in the condensation of an orientation of experience.