Port d'Attache
Eve Roy
August 10, 2017
Port d’Attache is a collection of gestures related to motherhood’s forceful desire to nurture. Behind each piece presented in this installation are manipulations (fixing, building, unthreading, contemplating, caring, and pampering) that arise from different images attached to the representation of Motherly love. This presumed instinct to nurture leads Eve Roy to question her own condition as a childbearing woman. The laborious, repetitive and time consuming actions reflect and mimic those that we deem maternal, like the act of caring for and pampering a child. She is questioning the core identity of motherhood, and how it might be performed through mark making and the materiality of objects. Port d’Attache speaks of this unstable place between womanhood and the potential eventuality of motherhood. Nested in this exploration of Motherness are tropes, stereotypes, dreams, domestic spaces, and the romanticization of nostalgic aestheticism. These concepts imbued in the images and objects I choose to work with, are altered and personified to offer a more intimate lexicon of motherhood.
Port D'Attache is ongoing project and was realized within the context of an independent research course supervised by Patryk Stasieczek at Concordia University.
Content / Contenu examines the teacher-student relationship as a curatorial exchange in a non-hierarchical setting towards contextualized research by enabling students to install their work within my studio. This allows emerging artist ideas to converge outside of the traditional institutional paradigm and enables work to be explored within a brick-and-mortar space as installation, and allows a dissemination of the parallel activities that contribute to the professionalization of an artist's practice through content-creation.